The Balm is now at Farmers!

The Balm has become more accessible to those of us in New Zealand over recent years. Now with the launch of the best of The Balm in Farmers online and at select stores, it is now even easier for us to purchase the brands products!

The Balm is well known around the world for it’s unique (and cheeky) packaging, with great quality products. It’s obvious a lot of thought and time goes into each product.

Because The Balm hasn’t always been this accessible I haven’t actually tried too many of the products. However, I have owned Mary-Lou Manizer for a couple of years and it has remained my all time favourite highlight during that whole time. It’s a beautiful subtle highlight with a pale gold tone, it can also be built up to a blinding highlight that many love!


I’ve now added Mary-Lou’s sisters, Betty-Lou and Cindy-Lou to my collection. These are just as beautiful and are a welcome addition to my makeup collection. These products are high quality, and with huge pans (8.5g) you will definitely get your value for money! I’m not even close to hitting pan on Mary-Lou and I’ve owned that for well over 2 years and use it often.

L-R: Betty-Lou, Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou

Mary-Lou – $49.99
Betty-Lou & Cindy-Lou – $42.99 each

You can also get The Balm Manizer Sisters Lumanizing Trio for $59.99 if you want to test them all out, pictured below.


Over 25 The Balm products have launched on the Farmers website, so I highly recommend checking out the range of products.

Happy shopping!


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