Skincare Review :: Essano Rosehip Oil

I’ve been meaning to try Rosehip Oil for a long time, I’ve heard so many great things about it. The main point being that it helps with acne scarring. I do have oily skin, so I was a little hesitant to put more oil onto my skin.

The Essano brand is available from Countdown Supermarkets in New Zealand. There are two size options – 45ml for $34.99 and 20ml for $22.99


I bought the 20ml version to try out and it is a nice size, especially for travelling. It comes with a dropper which works well.

How to use

I started by applying this each night after removing my makeup and cleansing. I use it all over my face, but particularly in the areas where my acne scarring is prominent. I then moisturise and leave on overnight.


After about 2 weeks I noticed that I had a strange texture to the skin on my forehead, and foundation wasn’t applying well – which hadn’t been a problem before. The rest of the skin on my face was fine. I posted about this on my instagram and discovered that others had the same issue from Rosehip oil. I started to use it every second day instead, and have had no problems.

In the morning my skin feels so soft and smooth, and definitely hydrated. I feel like my acne scarring does look a little less prominient the mornings after I use this, however at this stage it doesn’t appear to be a permanent fix – if I don’t use the oil for a couple of days my scarring is more obvious again.

I feel like my foundation and other face products apply a lot nicer when I have used the oil, so it’s almost acting as a primer as well.

Skincare takes a while to show results, and I’m still trying out the product to see how it improves my skin overtime (I especially want to see how it works on my skin through Winter).


I only have one bad thing to say about this product – it doesn’t have a nice smell! I assumed it was just what rosehip oil smells like, but apparently some other brands have a nicer smell. So just keep that in mind if you are sensitive to products with a strong scent.


Overall I can definitely tell a temporary improvement in my skin the day after I use it. Like I mentioned, I will need to test it out a bit more and see how it affects my skin overtime to see if it has any long-term results.

It has definitely become a part of my skincare routine, and I’m glad I finally tried it out.


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