Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eye Shadow Palettes

If you watch my youtube videos you have probably heard me talk about these Sleek eyeshadow palettes.

Sleek Makeup is a brand from the UK and is known for it’s affordable, high quality makeup. There are 22 palettes in the i-Divine series, and I own 5 of them. Each palette contains 12 shades, and there are a variety of different finishes across the palettes.



The Storm palette is definitely my favourite palette out of the ones I own. It has mostly shimmery shades with a couple of mattes. The Sleek website states that each palette comes with a dark matte shade for blending – which I love! I usually don’t reach for shimmer palettes that don’t have at least one matte for blending into the crease. While the mattes don’t swatch as well on my arm, as you can see from the above picture, they blend really easily on the eyes and I don’t notice any lack of pigmentation. I use this palette for neutral/every day looks, but I like that it has those brighter colours too for something different.

I have a tutorial on this palette here.



This is the newest palette to my collection, and I was blown away with the pigmentation of these shades. They are all shimmer finishes, with one matte shade in black. This palette won’t be for everyone as it does have mostly bright colours, but the quality of these are so beautiful as you can tell from the swatches. If you want to have a go at playing around with some colour, I recommend picking this one up as it does have those blush/gold/copper tones but has fun colours to play around with too.

I used this palette in this video.

Ultra Mattes V2


This is probably my least used Sleek palette, I tend to reach for it just when I need a certain matte shade. As you can guess from the name, all the shades in this palette are matte. This palette is perfect if you want to play around with different smokey eye combinations. The matte formula is really buttery and blendable. Sometimes matte shades can be a bit hit and miss, but Sleek really know how to make a good matte eyeshadow.

I have a tutorial on this palette here.

Vintage Romance


I have mixed feelings about this palette. The top row is amazing, but I find the bottom row to be a little disappointing. If you are not a fan of glitter in eyeshadows, I would give this palette a miss. The bottom row has a few shades with specks of chunky glitter throughout. I’m not a big fan of this, and prefer a really pigmented shimmer finish like the gold shades in the top row. This is still a pretty palette, but there are a few shades which I don’t get much use out of.

Ultra Mattes V1


I’m a huge fan of bright eyeshadows, so this palette was a must for me. Once again, this is an all matte palette and the formula of them is great. As you can see, the lighter 3 shades were a bit more difficult to swatch, but I don’t have too much of a problem using them on my eyes. I do prefer these shades with a white base underneath (like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) but that’s generally how I use neon or bright coloured eyeshadows. I love the range of colours in this palette, and can always appreciate a brand releasing a palette with these colours – as they are generally not for the average consumer.

I have a tutorial on this palette here.


With the exception of Too Faced palettes, I would say Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow palettes are my favourite. They are brilliant value for money, and I’m always impressed by the quality of the eyeshadows. I love the range of different palettes they have, and the packaging is sleek and easy to store in my makeup collection. Each palette also comes with a mirror, which I know is important to a lot of people. I know my collection of Sleek palettes will definitely be continuing to grow – I want them all!

Value: $24 NZD
Where to buy: I’ve bought the majority of mine from You can also buy from Sephora NZ and Beauty Bliss

Let me know what your favourite Sleek i-Divine Palette is in the comments!

Sleek have also just released new iLust palettes – let me know if you would like to see swatches/reviews on them too


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