ColourPop “For Fox Sake” Mixed Finish Lip Collection

It’s no secret that ColourPop is one of my favourite makeup brands. Shipping prices to New Zealand have always been quite high, but that has changed this year (more details at the end of the post). A couple of weeks ago they had free international shipping with no minimum spend – so of course I had to take advantage of that!

I ordered a couple of holiday eyeshadows “Sleigh” and “Tinsel


I also ordered a lip set, “For Fox Sake”. Last year they only sold mini sets, so I was happy to see full sized sets available this year.


The packaging for the holiday products this year is black rather than ColourPop’s usual white. And I have to admit – I love the black so much more! It looks really nice, and the frosted lipstick tubes with matte black lids look so sleek.

Although there are a lot of mixed opinions on the formula of ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lipsticks – I love them. I recently tried out their Ultra Satin Formula for the first time, and liked that too. I liked the idea of this holiday set because it includes a range of different finishes – 2 mattes, 1 satin, 1 gloss and 1 metallic (the last two I hadn’t tried). Now onto the shades.

Ultra Matte

Trap – I already own this one, it’s a “greige” tone which was so popular over the last year or so.


Beeper – I believe this is the best selling shade in the Ultra Matte line. It is described a warm mid-tone taupe.


Ultra Satin

Echo Park – described as a warm peachy nude. On me this did dry down quite dark and red-toned on my lips (although this happens to most warm-nude lip colours on me!)


Ultra Gloss

My Jam – this is a gloss, however to me it looks pretty similar to the Metallic range. It’s a warm golden nude with shimmering silver and gold.



Man Eater – a dark rose gold shade. The Metallic range was released to some pretty mixed reviews, however I am really impressed with this shade! I’m not sure if they altered their formula after it was released, and I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it, but I’m more than happy to have added this to my collection!





I’m really happy with my purchase of this set, which retails for $25 USD (valued at $30USD). I highly recommend picking it up before it’s gone, as of course this is limited edition for the holidays. This would also make a great Christmas present for someone who is into makeup but hasn’t tried the ColourPop lip products, as you get a nice range of finishes. You can purchase the set here.

ColourPop has free international shipping for orders over $50 until December 31 2016.

Let me know which ColourPop lip finish & shade is your favourite



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